Gov. Cuomo calls on hospitals to expand bed capacity by 25% to handle surge in COVID cases

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is calling on hospitals across the city to increase their bed capacity as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.
In the Bronx, the 7-day average reported on Sunday was at 4.7%, according to the governor's office. In Brooklyn, the positivity rate was 4%.
Gov. Cuomo is implementing the state's 'surge and flex' protocol. That means he's mandating all hospitals to expand their bed capacity by 25% to prepare for a possible COVID-19 surge.
The governor says currently 19% of hospital beds and 27% of ICU beds are available in New York City, but warns if availability goes down by another 10% causing hospital bed capacity to be at 90% then indoor dining will be halted.
Gov. Cuomo also warned New Yorkers that if the number of COVID cases continues to rise he will halt indoor dining in the city.
Outdoor dining would still be allowed, but with temperatures dropping that may not be an easy task for restaurant owners.
The New York state Restaurant Association is calling on Congress to provide financial relief to the restaurant industry, saying the number of restaurants being forced to shut down continues to grow.