Riverdale home for adults with disabilities run vegetable garden for its residents

A Riverdale home for adults with disabilities is planting the seeds of love and nutrition for its residents.  
The backyard vegetable garden helps YAI, the Riverdale home, feed its residents.  
“They go above and beyond, and do what their heart tells them to do,” said Marina Mesones, director of YAI.  
The faculty works with a nutritionist to help accommodate the many strict diets these residents have. They collect, prepare and cook the harvest to create a delicious meal that is low-calorie and low sodium.  
YAI’s employees say that due to the developmental disabilities of the residents, they cannot always communicate as easily as others, but that they work together to ensure that the residents are enjoying their meals and day-to-day lives.   
“At the end of the day, we try to encourage,” said Jodi, a supervisor at the home. “We don’t want them to feel as if they are not living their best life.”