Road Trip Close to Home: Cinema on the Sound at City Island

Over at City Island, an independent movie theater is giving movie lovers an opportunity to see films they otherwise might not have.
Bronx native Jerry Landi, a filmmaker himself, opened up the 50-seat Cinema on the Sound that creates a different movie experience by bringing you up close and personal to films from all different genres.
City Island hasn't had a movie theatre in 40 years, so Landi took matters into his own hands. Once he pinned down his location, he spent a month transforming the room into a 50-seat movie theater.
Landi will have the filmmakers themselves in the theater to watch the movie with the audience and afterward have a question-and-answer segment to provide some background into what they were thinking.
Landi is already working on expanding the space. There's a lounge being built now, and he's planning to take things outside with the space behind the theater.