Road Trip: The Lexington Candy Shop in Manhattan

A nearly century-old diner in Manhattan has all the nostalgic feels to make it a legendary shop customers can't get enough of.
Step inside the Lexington Candy Shop on the Upper East Side, and you'll instantly feel you've gone through a time warp.
The historic luncheonette has sat on the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 83rd Street since 1925. It is still decked out with its original interior and décor.
Owners say the shop is one of the only original luncheonettes left in the city.
The family business started as a candy shop and eventually turned into a lunch counter. They still sell candy today, but it's a much smaller candy stand.
The shop is known for serving Coca-Cola the old-fashioned way -- mixing the ingredients themselves. It recently went viral on TikTok.
The timelessness of the shop and the good eats has kept longtime customers coming back for decades.
Whether you're looking for a good meal or an old-fashioned experience, Lexington Candy Shop is a Road Trip: Close to Home that the family can enjoy.