Roe decision leaves some Bronx residents outraged, others overjoyed

Bronx residents that News 12 spoke to aren't taking the Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision to overturn Roe V. Wade lightly, with many saying they don't understand why the ruling was called into question in the first place.
"You're going to tell me if I get raped, I have to have the baby," said Sheila, a resident of Melrose. "If I don't want children, I have the right to have sex like everybody else, I don't have to have a baby if I don't want one."
The right for abortion is now up to each state to decide. Planned Parenthood says they plan to increase the availability of abortion appointments.
"We firmly believe when it comes to your body, your life, your future, your personal decisions are the only ones that should matter," said Kimberly Sanders, senior vice president of equity and engagement for Planned Parenthood New York.
While some people News 12 spoke to are worried about how this ruling could impact access to birth control and LGBTQ+ rights, a pro-life advocate says he is proud of today's decision.
"Naturally moms want to protect and provide for their children and so we want to make sure as a pro-life community we're doing everything we can to help that mom feel empowered to choose life," said Jason McGuire, executive director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms.
Mayor Eric Adams called today's decision a direct attack on women and said it targets the poorer black and brown communities and has pledged to help protect the reproductive rights of New Yorkers.