Salvation Army deputy director of operations offers safety advice on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Ida

On the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Ida, Ioana Opris, the Salvation Army’s deputy director for operations, is offering the public safety advice for natural disasters.
Ioana Opris says preparation is key when it comes to natural disasters. She recommends emailing yourself critical documents, keeping extra power banks and chargers so you can always call for help.
"Having a plan is step one. There are two options you really have when a hurricane hits or tropical storm hits and that is to shelter in place or to evacuate. It's always helpful to have before photos go ahead and take those photos before storm but also take photos after a storm of any damages especially with flooding because it can recede,” she said.
Later today, Gov. Kathy Hochul is expected to deliver remarks on the anniversary. Mayor Eric Adams is scheduled to make a "climate related announcement.”