Sandy continues to shape change for NYC agency tasked with planning for the unexpected

We're approaching the 10-year mark since Superstorm Sandy hit New York City, and its effects continue to shape how the city prepares for the future.
News 12's Dan Serafin spoke with the man in charge of that planning.
New York City Emergency Management Commissioner Zachary Iscol remembers Superstorm Sandy, the power of the storm itself and the destruction it left throughout the city
"People dig out their homes, the loss of life, the loss of property. Being in people's homes, and seeing family memorabilia and heirlooms that had been totally destroyed," Iscol says.
Ten years later, Sandy continues to shape change for the city agency tasked with planning for the unexpected.
Understanding the signs as a storm approaches is one of several things Sandy taught the agency, but what's important Iscol says, is sharing that knowledge with the millions who call New York City home.
"We also launched a program called 'Know Your Zone' to advertise and get people more familiar with what zone they live in," Iscol says.
Before Sandy, the city had just three hurricane evacuation zones - that's grown to six now. While getting that information to the public is vital, OEM has it on their website. The agency is also creating new ways to reach everyone throughout the five boroughs.