'Scared for my life': Train operator details Coney Island attack

A train operator on Friday detailed the random attack in Coney Island that left her injured.
Sandra, who is only revealing her first name, says she fears her attacker will strike again. No arrests have been made in the case.
She says a man who was 6 feet tall and weighed 200 pounds punched her in the face. It happened after a hard day of work on the F line.
"I was shocked and scared for my life and I never expected this would happen to me, this act of violence would happen to me at work," she says.
And Sandra fears other MTA workers could face violence.
"I'm not the only person at the MTA that's been hit," she says.
Last month, two MTA workers had urine splashed in their face sin the Bronx. Days later, a train conductor was stabbed at the Grand Concourse train station.
But police say attacks against subway workers and overall crime in the subway are actually down slightly compared to last year.
The city's transit president says everything will be done to make sure transit workers are safe.
Extended interview with train operator who was punched in the face