Sen. Schumer calls for community violence intervention funding to combat crime

Sen. Charles Schumer joined officials and activists in Newburgh Wednesday to address the continuing rise in gun violence. 
Authorities say two of the Hudson Valley’s largest cities – Newburgh and Poughkeepsie – have seen a 72% rise in shootings since last year.  That’s the highest spike since 2016 in Newburgh and 2013 in Poughkeepsie. 
“Our young people are the most vulnerable group disproportionately affected by violence,” said Schumer. “This is a crisis we can and must solve.” 
Schumer is pushing for $250 million in federal funding for a holistic crime-reducing method called Community Violence Intervention. 
CVI programs are widely praised nationwide for their alternative approach to addressing crime and are already run by nonprofits in the Hudson Valley such as RECAP and its anti-gun violence program, SNUG. 
“SNUG right here in Newburgh has had 54 mediations to date,” said Schumer. “That means they prevented up to 54 incidents of gun violence.” 
CVI works by addressing what advocates say are the root causes of crime - addressing poverty, food insecurity, education, housing and emotional support needs. 
Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey says the city is already seeing success with at-risk youth and parolee work programs funded by private donations and hopes to do more with federal funds. 
“If we have the financial resources in a collaborative effort, we can make this happen," said Harvey.
Schumer is seeking CVI funding in the 2023 federal budget.