Shining a light on resilience: Osborne Association's 6th annual Transgender Remembrance Day event held

In a poignant effort to commemorate lives lost to hatred and violence against transgender individuals, the Osborne Association hosted its 6th Annual Transgender Remembrance Day event, titled "Surviving: Through Awareness, Inclusion, and Love." Organizers say the event is more than a gathering, but served as a resounding call to action, stressing that the work for the community is far from over.
“The death of any trans person is horribly tragic and can be prevented, and we, as a society, have an obligation to really tackle that and to really look at ourselves and say we can do better," said Archana Jayaram, President & CEO, Osborne Association.  
The gathering included a moment of silence, amplifying the gravity of the situation. Various LGBTQ+ advocates from across the city and state shared their insights, contributing to a collective awareness of the challenges faced by the transgender community.
Staff members revealed a somber statistic, emphasizing that at least 25 transgender or gender non-conforming individuals across the nation have lost their lives this year alone due to violence, with a notable majority being people of color.
 "There’s always going to be these atrocities; we just wish it wouldn't be death. But what it allows us to do is to show our awareness, how we can stop those deaths, or prevent them or bring education to those who may be watching, looking, or participating,” said Grace Detrevarah, LGBT Liaison and Senior Health Educator, 
Beyond remembrance, the event also spotlighted the challenges within the criminal legal system that the Osborne Association is actively addressing. The recent launch of its case manager program reflects a crucial step in providing support to those recently incarcerated, underscoring the organization's commitment to creating a more equitable and supportive environment.