Heastie aide Kevin Riley claims victory in District 12 special election

Kevin Riley, an aide to state Assembly Member Carl Heastie, has declared victory in the special election to replace Andy King in the City Council.
Riley faced Pamela Hamilton-Johnson and public defender Neville Mitchell in the District 12 special election.
The results are not official yet, but Riley has received over 65% of the vote, according to the Board of Elections' latest count of in-person ballots.
Riley took to Twitter to thank voters.
He tells News 12 he is eager to get started to help District 12.
"Speaking to the council members, trying to understand the process," Riley says. "I'm getting words of affirmation from them, getting advice from them."
King had named Brian Melford as his preferred successor, but his name was not on the ballot because his paperwork was too late.
The former councilman and his predecessor Larry Seabrook were both marked by corruption charges. King was expelled from the City Council on ethics violations.
This was the first of five special elections before the new class of council members takes to the floor of the City Council.