St. Francis College professor elected chair of Board of Directors at Amnesty International USA

For the past 55 years, courageous leaders of Amnesty International USA have demanded human rights for all people around the world.
The organization has recently elected a new chair overseeing the organization, who’s fight for freedom runs deep.
Dr. Reza Fakhari was was arrested by the Iranian authorities at just 18 years old.
“I was reading books of sociology, statements of political prisoners and there were many of them during the time of Shah. Torture was wider spread. Political prisoners were executed,” says Dr. Fakhari.
Human rights have been front and center for Dr. Fakhari, now more so than ever, as the advocate has been elected to the Amnesty International USA Chair of its Board of Directors.
“There is a lot of work to be done in terms of racial and economic equality in the U.S. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in terms of police treatment of minorities, in the U.S. especially African Americans,” says Dr. Fakhari.
Amid the fight for human rights, he's taken his work inside the classroom at St. Francis College with the hope to push the agenda even further
“How transformed they are, when they learn about global politics about the situation of human rights globally, and how our democracy is in danger,” says Dr. Fakhari.
For the advocate, these are more than just courses, but rather an opportunity to spark change in young minds.
“This is the first step for us, to educate our students about human rights. To empower them to advocate human rights for everyone here, and globally,” says Dr. Fakhari.