Staff at Bronx senior living facility mandated to receive COVID-19 vaccine

The staff at a Bronx senior living facility has been mandated to receive the coronavirus vaccine, but many workers say they are worried about the effects and are refusing to do so. 
A letter was sent out to staff Monday requiring everyone at Atria Riverdale to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or they could face being let go. 
One of the workers tells News 12 she spoke with her doctor, who recommended that she not take the vaccine due to a pre-existing condition. 
She says in talking with her co-workers, about 20 to 30% of the 100 employees are not comfortable getting the vaccine --including some who are pregnant. 
The Bronx worker claims residents are not required and that she doesn’t understand why staff would be. She says she’s willing to take the vaccine in a year, when more studies have been done.
The Atria CEO told News 12 in part, “We understand there are objections as well as isolated situations where taking the vaccine is not possible or feasible, but we’ve all come too far in the pandemic to not take advantage of the vaccine together.”
The letter states that workers have until May 1 to receive the vaccine.