State and law enforcement leaders to gather at Gracie Mansion for public safety summit

Stakeholders from around the state will gather this weekend at Gracie Mansion for a public safety summit called by Mayor Eric Adams.
They will discuss how to improve the city's criminal justice system as well as public safety.
In attendance will be key leaders in the city's criminal justice system, from law enforcement to advocacy groups and even district attorneys.
Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said she's looking forward to being in the same room as everyone so they can work together toward solutions.
"I think what I'm going to hear is we're all going through the same things in different ways and we're all trying to do the same job. So, there's a lot of common ground that we do have. We have differences, but there's a lot of common ground," Clark said.
Adams said they will take a look at current policies and see how they can improve the city's law enforcement as a whole.
Some issues Clark hopes to discuss are how to retain lawyers, how to address the mental health crisis and how to streamline the discovery laws process.
Discovery is done differently in every office, and she said it impacts how cases are carried out.
"That's been the sticking point for moving cases forward right now, so if we could come up with a commonsense approach on how to work within the lines of the discovery laws and we could move things forward faster, I think that would be key," she said.
Adams said the goal is simple - to make sure New Yorkers get the safety and justice they deserve out of the criminal justice system.