State DOT hopes campaign will deter drunk driving this Memorial Day weekend

The state Department of Transportation and trauma centers across the state want to decrease impaired driving this Memorial Day weekend with a campaign called "Not One More."
The TV ad begins with friends out drinking. One of them says, "OK, I guess I'll just have one more." Then the ad shows the tragic consequences of his decision.
This weekend local hospitals, like St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, are teaming up to be the face of the campaign.
"We don't want to speak to a family member and tell them that their loved one was hurt or their loved one died because of an alcohol or drug related driving issue," said Dr. Steven Valassis at St. Vincent's Medical Center.
A doctor at Bridgeport Hospital remembers the tragedy of a young driver in a car crash that she could not save.
"We worked on this individual all night. We did everything we could because we wanted him to have his life ahead of him and unfortunately all our efforts were in vain," said Dr. Kristen Glasgow.
Shante Hanks from Bridgeport says 10 years ago she was in a medically induced coma for three weeks and suffered multiple injuries from a drunk driver who was going the wrong way on the Merritt Parkway.
"I had to learn how to walk again. All of this could have been avoided had he not been drinking and driving," said Hanks.
Hanks says the 20-year-old drunk driver who hit her was not wearing a seat belt and died.
"It's really important that drivers give up their keys, call an Uber, call a Lyft," said Hanks.
Officials say three years ago, 40% of all driving fatalities in the state were alcohol-related compared to 28% nationally.