State legislature to meet today to discuss new guns safety legislation

The New York state legislature will gather today to discuss new gun safety legislations following the Supreme Court's vote to overturn the state's conceal carry laws.
The Supreme Court's decision reverses a 100-year-old law that required New Yorkers to have proper cause in order to carry a gun. In a 6-to-3 vote, justices deemed that the law violated law-abiding citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
Gov. Kathy Hochul emphasized her priority to keep New Yorkers safe saying that today's meeting is crucial to doing so. The governor's office reports that state police have seized more than 662 guns this year, which is a 98% increase compared to this time last year.
Officials will be discussing avenues to take such as creating some restrictions when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon in "sensitive places." Those locations will also be a topic in defining what is a "sensitive place," like subways, medical facilities and places where children gather.
An update on those talks is expected later today.