Stellar Sunday in New York City; rain possible Tuesday

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says Sunday will be sunny and mild with high temperatures that could reach 54.
OVERNIGHT: Clearing sky. Cold. Lows down to 35.
SUNDAY: Mostly sunny and milder. Highs surge to 54 with the sun. A few occasional gusts of 20 mph but not bad. Lows near 37.
MONDAY: Sunny and nice again! Highs near 54. Lows dip to 35 with a shower or two possible by daybreak.
TUESDAY: A shower or two possible in the morning, otherwise mostly cloudy and trending colder. Highs near 46. Lows down to 33.
MID-TO-LATE WEEK: Partly sunny and colder. Highs mid-40s, lows mid-30s. No rain or snow expected Wednesday through Friday.