Stolen mascot portrait returned to Alfie's Place in the Bronx

A sign stolen from Alfie’s Place in the Bronx that featured a white fluffy dog has been returned. 
Last week, News 12 reported that the sign was stolen after surveillance video from Feb. 20 surfaced showing two people climbing a ladder and removing the sign from the closed bar. 
"It’s such an icon to the neighborhood,” said manager and building owner Kenny Banker. 
In addition to getting the portrait back, he also received a new version.
Viula Whittaker painted a new portrait of Alfie after seeing News 12’s story and asked for it to be given to Banker. 
"There’s a lot going on right now so I just wanted to put a smile on his face so he can be happy,” said Whittaker. 
He said the gift was very heartfelt and that he plans to keep both in his bar at home.