Study: Kids have an easier time battling COVID-19, could be linked to immune systems

A new medical study reveals that kids, on average, have an easier time battling the coronavirus compared to adults and the study says it could be linked to their immune system. 
The focus was on nasal swabs from 12 children and 27 adults who tested positive for the coronavirus. 
The findings showed that the kids got over the coronavirus better than adults. 
Researchers contributed the findings to what they are calling a “robust and innate” immune response in children. Doctors say they are now looking into what age range the generalized immune response starts to diminish. 
Dr. Betsy Herold from Albert Einstein College of Medicine tells News 12 one of the goals is to ultimately boost innate immune responses in adults to help reduce further hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.
Although the new data shows children have an easier time dealing with the virus, doctors say they should still get vaccinated. 
The study is a collaborative effort between Montefiore Health System Center, Yale University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.