Sunshine remains with temps in the 70s; weekend looks chilly

NEW: Temperatures will likely see another 70-degree day tomorrow too. A couple of cold fronts will slide through bringing some clouds, stay showers and breezy winds.
NEXT: Quieter weather overall and cooler from the weekend into early next week. Temperatures return to seasonable normals by mid to late week. No major storms and very little rain during this time.
FRIDAY: Sunny and breezy, cooler at night. Highs near 75, lows near 46.
SATURDAY: Sunny, dry. Turning much cooler. Highs near 60, lows near 44.
SUNDAY: Staying sunny and cool. Highs near 65, lows near 49.
MONDAY: Sunny. Highs near 66, lows near 48.
TUESDAY: Sunshine on repeat. Highs near 64, lows near 49.
WEDNESDAY: Sunny. High of 68, lows near 53.
THURSDAY: Partly sunny. High near 70, low of 55.