Summer-like temps expected to return for last weekend of season

WHAT'S NOW: Cozy-blanket weather dominates the overnight, but expect one last dose of summer this weekend.
WHAT'S NEXT: By Sunday, we will be seeing highs in the mid 80s and high humidity.
Storm Watch Meteorologist Darryl Green says while much of the country is focusing on Tropical Storm Fiona, the tri-state area is getting once last dose of summer on the final weekend of the season.
OVERNIGHT: Clear and cool. Lows around 60.
SATURDAY: Mostly sunny and warmer. Highs near 78. Lows down to 65.
SUNDAY: Smoky sky again, but warmer and more humid. A vibrant pink sunrise is likely. Highs up to 85. Lows down to 70.
MONDAY: Partly cloudy, hot and humid. Highs near 87. Lows down to 71 with a chance of showers at night.
TUESDAY: A chance of a shower or two, mainly early. Highs near 82. Lows near 68.
WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY: Mostly sunny and tranquil. Highs near 80. Lows in the mid 60s.