Support intensifies for ‘Communities Not Cages’ package across NY

Lawmakers, activists and former inmates rallied to support three sentencing reform bills across New York state.
Together, the bills are being called the "Communities Not Cages" package. It includes eliminating the Mandatory Minimums Act, which would allow judges to consider individual factors when determining a sentence rather than relying on mandatory minimums; the Second Look Act, which would allow judges to revisit and reconsider long sentences. The third bill, known as the Earned Time Act, would allow inmates to receive a time allowance that would contribute to their sentence.
"What if it was your mother, or your father, or your sister, or your brother, and now they've redeemed themselves, should they be given a second look?” said state Sen. Robert Jackson. “I say yes."
The bills currently don't have majority sponsorship from the assembly or state senator.