Supporters of impeachment hold rallies in NJ as House prepares to vote

New Jersey voters who support impeaching President Donald Trump held a dozen rallies around the state Tuesday as the House of Representatives prepares to make a historic vote on the issue.
More than 400 people attended a rally in Princeton. Demonstrators gathered in the cold and the rain with signs that contained slogans such as “Trump is not above the law,” “Make democracy great again,” and “Impeach & Remove.”
"This president has done impeachable offenses and no one is above the law. The people of this state and this country have said enough is enough,” said Democratic state Assemblyman Zwicker who attended the rally.
Some who attended the rally said that it was not about politics, but about doing what is right.
"This is not a political moment. This is a pivotal moment in our nation's history. This is a time for us to come together as a nation to believe in one another, to have a voice together, to stand up to what makes this nation great. Our Constitution, Our democracy and our integrity both at home and abroad,” said Robert Sada-Schreiber of Princeton.
Another rally was held in Summit near the Summit Train Station. About 100 people attended that rally, including John Gray of Basking Ridge.
“Preserve our democracy. He's done everything to try to ruin it. We are here to support our democracy,” said Gray.
The House is expected to start the process late Wednesday morning. An Associated Press survey of lawmakers shows that New Jersey's U.S. House delegation is expected to vote 10-2 in favor of articles of impeachment, mostly along party lines. Democrats are backing impeachment, with the only New Jersey Republican elected in 2018 opposing the articles.
The party-line breakdown of the vote is complicated because Rep. Jeff Van Drew, of Congressional District 2, has indicated that he's switching from Democrat to Republican, after earlier saying he would oppose impeachment.
New Jersey's 10 other Democrats, including three freshmen elected in previously GOP-controlled districts, have said they support impeachment.
Trump has accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being spiteful and says in a six-page letter to Pelosi that she is “declaring open war on American Democracy.”
Regardless of the vote by the House, the U.S. Senate is not expected to vote in favor of impeachment.
The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.