Supreme Court strikes down vaccine mandate for Police Benevolent Association

A Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled today that the city’s vaccine mandate is invalid for officers who are part of the Police Benevolent Association.  
The ruling also ordered all officers who were terminated or put on leave as a result of their vaccination status should be reinstated. 
Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch spoke out, saying in part that the decision confirms what they have said from the beginning that “the vaccine mandate was an improper infringement on our members’ right to make personal medical decisions."
The Detective’s Endowment Association said they will continue to fight for their members to get reinstated and reimbursed, but so far, the ruling only applies to members of the PBA. 
The Firefighters Unions are also calling on the FDNY commissioner to bring back those who were terminated to be brought back – and give them back pay.  
One City Hall spokesperson says they are appealing the Supreme Court ruling, adding that filing the appeal will pause the judge’s ruling until it is heard.