Taco Bell launching sauce packet recycling program in honor of Earth Day

Fast-food giant Taco Bell is working on a recycling pilot program to give its sauce packets a second life. The company says more than eight billion sauce packets are used every year in the United States alone. Taco Bell is partnering with Terracycle to carry out the program, which is poised to launch later this year.
The 4/20 hype didn't work out for DogeCoin, as supporters tried to drive up the price of the crypto up to $1, but they fell short as the crypto tanked close to 20%. It's still up close to 8,000% since the start of the year.
NASA is announcing it will reuse SpaceX's rocket and crew for Thursday's flight, marking the third SpaceX crew flight for NASA in just under a year. They will relieve the current crew at the International Space Station.