Take a journey through NYC’s history at the City Reliquary Museum in Williamsburg

A Brooklyn museum takes visitors on a journey of New York City's past with artifacts and exhibits that highlight the city's history.
Over 1,000 artifacts kept at the City Reliquary Museum in Williamsburg tell the story of the history of New York City.
The museum started as just a small window in the founder's Williamsburg apartment in the early 2000s before it grew to its current location on Metropolitan Avenue.
The museum allows visitors to learn about the city, mostly from the perspective of the 20th century.
"We are a small storefront museum, in a cabinet of curiosity style that preserves artifacts of everyday life of New York City. So, things that used to be common, but aren't common anymore," says Beth Haines, the assistant director of the City Reliquary Museum.
Visitors can make reservations to stop by the museum on the museum's website. Visitors can also walk in to the museum without a reservation, but it is open at a limited capacity.