Take a sneak peek back in history to the oldest historic home in the Bronx

The Van Cortlandt House Museum, which was built in 1748, is the oldest historic home in the Bronx.
It was built for Frederick Van Cortlandt in 1748 and is made of fieldstone from the local area.
The house museum has three floors filled with rich history of the Van Cortlandt family who occupied the home for more than 140 years.
The historic house features a Christmas tree for the first time in its east parlor room to bring some holiday cheer during the pandemic.
There are now self-guided walking tours throughout the historic house due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Laura Carpenter Myers is the house museum's director, and says it's a new change that allows guests to take in the history of the home at their own pace.
One of the popular attractions of the house museum is located in the attic,a new addition to the tour highlights the lives of enslaved people who also lived in the historic home centuries ago. The space has been replicated to show their daily lives, including where they slept.
Guests who want to visit the museum are encouraged to register online.