Tenants fed up with finding trash outside their home in Crown Heights

Tenants at a Crown Heights apartment complex are fed up with seeing continuous loads of trash dumped outside the building.
The building, located at 1170 Lincoln Place, has a courtyard which residents use for fresh air. But that has even become difficult.
"Bam, bam, bam, it's like coming down like it's a third-world country,” said tenant Casandra Battle.
Battle, 73, told News 12 she’s lived in the building for 12 years and has watched trash get dumped in buildings courtyard and now she can't open her windows.
"What they fail to realize is that dust and debris, whatever it is coming out, people are still getting that,” she added. “That's still coming in."
Battle acknowledged she's reached out multiple times to Dira Realty, the property managers, but no one has done anything.
News 12 reached out to Dira Realty, and they said they weren't aware of any of this trash dumping and assured us they'll investigate it.