Tenants struggling with no place to call home one week after fire

Tenants say they're struggling without a home one week after a fire ripped through a Morris Heights apartment building.
Josseny Tavarez told News 12 that she is seven months pregnant, and that she has been seeking aid from any outlet she can contact but has had no luck.  
Tavarez says she was taking a bath last Wednesday when her husband heard sparks, and they quickly realized it was her e-bike battery. Her husband threw water on the sparks to put it out, which is when all of the other batteries charging in her home caught on fire.  
“Something picked me up and threw me closer to the door outside,” said Tavarez. “I screamed for help at the neighbors because I heard somebody outside… so they started kicking in the door and they got us out, but I didn’t think I was going to make it.” 
Tavarez says she’s now dealing with second-degree burns and is staying with a friend while she fights for help from Red Cross.  
Red Cross say all they need from Tavarez is proof of her address to come by and asses the damage. They also say they are waiting to hear back from her as they've called and left her multiple voicemails.