The Real Deal: Average hotel prices are dropping - here's how to save on your next NY vacation

From our Long Island beaches to New York City, we are checking in on tourism across the state.
News 12's Kristie Reeter is looking at how busy our hotels are - and if you can squeeze in a last minute trip.
When it comes to hotels, "Out on Long Island we saw improvement from about 74.2% to about 79.8% occupancy rates. People were getting out staying in more hotels, especially as gas prices fell. In New York City, however that was not the case, we saw a decline of occupancy rates of about from about 85% to 88.4%," says Caleb Silver, of Investopedia.
Silver also says that average hotel prices have fallen from around $312 to $257 a night.
So, how do you save? Below are some tips from top experts in the travel industry:
"Make sure that you are traveling in off-peak times. So, for example, shoulder season is coming up. It is that magical little time between the summer holidays and holiday travel. Starts right after Labor Day when demand decreases and prices typically do too," says Melanie Fish.
In fact, Fish, a travel expert, says they are seeing prices about 20% lower during that season compared to summer.
Travel expert and award winning author Sarah Dandashy, shares more tips:
"Think about loyalty and rewards programs because you are playing the long-term game, you know this is not going to be your last trip," Dandashy says.
And some saving tricks are old school! Call the hotel directly and ask for an upgrade and see if you got the best rate available.
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