The Real Deal: Getting fitness New Year’s resolutions back on track while saving money

Many people opened 2023 wanting to meet a bunch of different fitness goals — but then they realized the cost of a gym membership or at-home equipment and had second thoughts.
But there are ways you can work out how to pay less for your workout!
One way is to head to discount stores like Marshall’s or Five Below, where gym equipment can be found on sale — like foam rollers, dumbbells, jump ropes or workout clothes.
And apps like Freeletics let you get a coach, meal plan and workout guide for an annual fee of $87. Or if you have Amazon Prime, you have access to hundreds of free workout videos.
It’s also worth checking if your company or health insurance offers any discounts on gym memberships or classes.
But if you’re just looking for a treadmill or a no-frills gym, places like Planet Fitness could work for you at $10 a month, but also with a $49 annual membership fee as well.
Groupon might also have coupons on local classes or memberships, too.
Some gyms and classes offer free trials that could give a chance to see if certain places are the right fit for you before putting money down.
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