The Real Deal: How can a JetBlue and Spirit merger affect your wallet when traveling?

JetBlue and Spirit announced plans to merge. So, what's The Real Deal for anyone who has been flying budget airlines looking for a deal? News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman finds out.
It could take three years, if ever, for JetBlue and Spirit to be one in the sky. Scott Keyes, of Scott Cheap Flights, worries about the lack of competition.
"I am not a fan of the merger. Between JetBlue and Spirit, I think it's going to be bad for travelers, even for travelers who never fly Spirit because the end result is going to be more expensive fares across the board. Competition is the most important factor when it comes to cheap flights, and when you take out a competitor, the most likely result is going to be less competition," says Keyes.
Without budget airlines in the mix, rates rise.
For now, Keyes says don't jump on high fares -- just plan ahead as he expects prices to drop.
He says now is the time to lock in the deals for the fall and holidays.
The good news is fares have already dropped 2% from June.
When you book with a low cost airline, make sure to factor in the added fees.
Keyes says Frontier actually makes more money off the added fees than the actual fare. So try to avoid paying for luggage, or purchasing a larger seat, or choosing your seat to really save.
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