The Real Deal: How much and when you should tip

When you go out to dinner - you're expected to tip the server.
But now, just ordering a cup of coffee has us feeling pressured to tip 20-25% - adding on another couple bucks.
Full service eateries have seen us tip 25% more than in the past. And tipping at counter services establishments are up almost 17%. But should you be guilted into shelling out more than you planned?
Ted Rossman of Bankrate says this trend isn't being accepted so easily.
"I think a lot of people are fed up with this idea of tip creep, and they feel like there are enough hands in their wallets already that to be asked to tip over and above," he says.
Many workers and employers need the extra cash to keep their salaries and businesses afloat. So if you are confused about how much you should tip, and when, here are what some experts suggestions:

Full service restaurant employees (waiters & waitresses) 20%.
Hair and nail salons 15%.
Rideshare 10-20%.
nanny/babysitter - show your appreciation at the end of the year with a bonus equal to one or two weeks of pay.
Checking your coat? Tip $1 or $2 per coat.
Hotel housekeeping - leave a few dollars a day.
It's recommended not to tip teachers, health professionals or co-workers. Instead show your appreciation with other small gifts like flowers, candy or personalized group gifts.
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