The Real Deal: How to save on packing, furnishing college dorms

Getting the kids back to college and into a dorm room can be exhausting and costly, but what if you didn’t have to worry about truck rental or packing boxes?
News 12’s Kristie Reeter looks at how much it will cost you and how much you may be able to save.
Cort Furniture is changing the college move in experience. They offer packages that are rated at deeply discounted prices.
The packages can be anywhere from $129 a month for 12 months – which gives you a living room, dining room and a full bedroom.
Experts say split the cost with some roommates and you could save even more. The furniture is also delivered to you – hassle free.
Many are looking to save any way they can, because News 12’s partners at Investopedia say back to school spending is climbing.
“Just looking at some of these costs, four U-Haul boxes will cost you around $170, a mini fridge around $130, a room organizer with bins about $130, and if you are looking for a bean bag chair those are comfortable for the dorm room, $74 or so and sheets about $35,” says Caleb Silver.