The Real Deal: How to save on your summer energy bill

Have you checked your electric bill lately? This sizzling summer is making us run our units longer and harder.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal on how to cut that bill.
Did you know that 15% of your energy bill is lighting? So if you are the last to leave the room, turn off the lights.
Katelyn Tsukada, from Con Edison, says that one of the easiest ways to save is to replace incandescent with LED bulbs. They reduce the energy by 75%.
Only buy energy star appliances, run full loads of laundry and dishes, and unplug!
"Big energy sucks are your television, router for your internet, game consoles, all of those use a lot of energy. So make sure you get an advanced power strip, so that you can just flip the switch that cuts off the power, and then you don't have to remember to unplug them everyday," says Tsukada.
She recommends closing drapes during the sunny times -- to keep the heat out and the house cooler.
More ways to save?
Unplug a second refrigerator if not using.
Unplug electronics you aren't using.
Take shorter showers.
Use your microwave instead of heating up your oven.
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