The Real Deal: How to spend your FSA dollars

If you have put away money in your flexible spending account, and haven’t used it all, now’s the time to spend it.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal on where to use that money.
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Most cut off dates to use the money is Dec. 31, but some employers offer a two-month grace period.

It may be hard to figure out how, and where to spend it, but you can easily order eligible items online from stores like CVS, Amazon, the and many other retailers.

If you have $200 to get rid of - how about a deep muscle relieving pain device? Or an acupressure cushion for your back?

Stack up on alcohol wipes and band aids for a few bucks.
The winter is drying - how about some healing ointments for your skin?
Going on vacation? Grab some sunscreen or save for the summer.

You can even use your money go get a DNA kit to search your family history.

Baby products, acne treatments, eye glasses and more can be redeemed with your FSA cash.
Remember to check return policies and shipping charges.
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