The Real Deal: How to turn a summer job into a permanent opportunity

Temperatures have been hot and hiring has been too for jobs involving summer fun.
News 12’s Kristie Reeter has The Real Deal on how to turn that summer job into a permanent opportunity.
Caleb Silver of Investopedia says summer fun is leading to more hiring in the tri-state area.
"If you are looking for job gains in the tri-state area, look no further than the amusement, gambling and recreational sector. That's where the job gains have been strongest state to state and if we look down those states, Connecticut has added 14.6% more jobs in that sector in just the last year, in New York 8.8% growth in that sector and New Jersey 8.5%, all higher than the national average," says Silver.
A senior economic analyst at Bankrate spoke to News 12 about how you could make the job permanent.
The analyst says during the interview, ask questions about if the position could be viewed as a full-time position or evolve. In addition, experts say temporary hiring can also help people get experience in the workforce.