The Real Deal: NY restaurant reservations down 27-28% from pre-pandemic levels

If you made your way to a restaurant with your sweetie this past Valentine's Day, you know how high prices are at your local eatery.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman tells us why prices are up, and what that means for restaurant owners.
From labor, to fuel, to advertising, to rent -- keeping an eatery afloat isn't easy. And many would be diners aren't willing, or don't have the cash to eat out as often.
"Restaurant reservations in the state of New York, particularly around the city, have never really recovered from the pandemic. They're down about 27 to 28% from pre-pandemic levels," says Caleb Silver, of Investopedia.
Looking to save? Look for dining out deals on social media or local coupons to save the next time you go to a restaurant. And brinx cash - some eateries are tacking on more money just go use a credit card.