The Real Deal: What you need to know before buying a bed in a box

Are you getting a good night sleep? Have you considered buying a bed in a box?
News 12’s Janice Lieberman has the Real Deal on what you need to know about purchasing a bed with no stress.
There’s a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a mattress and shopping around can be very stressful.
A bed in a box is delivered right to your doorstep, sealed airtight and unraveled to pop into shape.
The Casper Company can be credited with starting the craze of buying a bed in boxes online.
There are a plethora of brands to choose from at all different points.
Mattresses in a box can range anywhere from $99 at Walmart or Amazon or $650 for a hybrid on Wayfair.
Then there are premium brands like Necktar and Leesa which can run a couple of thousand dollars.
Before you buy any mattress, you should try to lie down on it. At Casper, you can book a nap time to try it out.
Some of the best ways to learn about different mattresses is to read customer reviews. In addition, always ask about return policies, whether it is a full refund or if you pay shipping and re-stocking fees.