‘This is not sustainable.’ Advocates concerned over Adams' new migrant plan

Advocates say the new 60-day plan to help single adult asylum seekers will just add extra stress on them coming to the United States.

News 12 Staff

Jul 20, 2023, 9:14 PM

Updated 363 days ago


Advocates say they fear Mayor Eric Adams' new single adult asylum seekers plan will be another obstacle migrants face upon arrival.
Adams announced on Wednesday that single adult asylum seekers will need to seek alternative housing after being in the city's shelters for 60 days. Adams fears that without implementation, families and children will wind up being homeless.
"This is not sustainable, and we are not going to pretend that this is sustainable,” Adams said.
Adams’ administration acknowledged plans to distribute bright yellow flyers at the southern border to discourage migrants from coming to the city.
"We have the Statue of Liberty in our harbor for a reason,” said New York Immigration Coalition Vice President of Policy and Programs Theodore Long. “It does not say New York City is full on the Statue of Liberty. So, until we change the words on the Statue of Liberty, then the mayor should not be handing out flyers saying that the city is full."
Moore told News 12 the new 60-day notice just adds onto the added stresses migrants face when coming to America, like the language barrier and lack of income.
"It's just an additional barrier that folks have to jump over to enjoy ensured housing,” he added.
Adams says that the new policy will be enforced in the coming days, and with that humanitarian relief centers will work with asylum seekers to help them in their moves and next steps.

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