Times Square designated ‘gun free zone’ amid new concealed carry regulations

Times Square has been designed a “gun free zone” in anticipation of the new concealed carry regulations that will go into effect Thursday.
The Supreme Court regulations will allow New York residents to carry concealed weapons with a license.
The governor and mayor say locations like Times Square will have signs indicating if they “sensitive areas,” aka gun free zones. The signs will be posted along a wide rectangle starting from 40th Street and will include Sixth and Eighth avenues in Manhattan.
These areas include subways, bars, restaurants, court houses, parks, and houses of worship.
NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said that they've seen a 54% increase in the number of permit applications since June. She stated that they take license approval very seriously and will enforce the law if someone enters a sensitive area.
The mayor says they will continue to fight against gun violence regardless of this Supreme Court decision.
"They placed us in the line of fire, and we must respond accordingly that radical decision that they made endangers us all, but here in New York, the place known for freedom, openness and diversity, we will defend ourselves," says Mayor Eric Adams.
Even those who carry firearms legally can be charged with a class E felony if they enter a gun free zone.
The governor says the laws are clear and that it is every individual’s responsibility to be aware of and obey the law.