Timmy Trumpet coming to Mets game, could play song for Díaz

Edwin Díaz blazing on the hill, Timmy Trumpet blaring the horn live at Citi Field — how's that sound, Mets fans?
The NL East-leading Mets announced Wednesday that Australian musician Timmy Trumpet, who teamed with Dutch pair Blasterjaxx to create the wildly popular “Narco” that Díaz uses for his entrance song, will be at the ballpark for a game next week.
And if Díaz happens to get summoned to pitch against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday night, then Timmy Trumpet will perform the song live when the closer comes in from the bullpen.
Timmy Trumpet will throw out the first ball at the game. No doubt, fans will really be rooting for him and Díaz to combine later for a high-decibel party.
Díaz began using “Narco” as his entrance song in 2018 in Seattle and put it back in play in 2020 with the Mets. “Narco” reached No. 1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart this month.
Díaz has become the most dominant closer in the majors this year, firing 100 mph fastballs while striking out 97 in 49 1/3 innings and posting 28 saves with a 1.46 ERA.
A huge part of his aura is his catchy entrance song. “Narco” sets off a two-minute fiesta all around Citi Field, boosted by mascots Mr. and Mrs. Met and fans pretending to play trumpets as Díaz warms up.
“When I was in Seattle, they picked that song for me. I liked it. And when I got here, I changed it. My wife told me to put that song (on) again. People will love it,” Díaz recently said.