TLC proposes removal of partitions in cabs to match flexibility of other for-hire cars

A new proposal by the Taxi and Limousine Commission could change the look of your next livery cab.  
Livery cabs drivers have been required to either have a safety partition or a camera in their car. However, this new proposal would allow drivers to get rid of both. 
The TLC said they are removing partitions to give livery cab driver more flexibility which will get them in line with other for-hire vehicles.  
If the proposal is adopted, cameras will also no longer be required in livery cabs. But if a driver still wants to install one voluntarily, the proposal allows for more camera options. 
According to the TLC, up until now, the cameras had to be specifically built for TLC-licensed vehicles, resulting in high prices, limited availability and substandard technology. The TLC said these new camera options will be useful to law enforcement, vehicle owners and drivers.
"We introduced this rule at the request of and with the support of the livery industry itself," TLC Press Secretary Jason Kersten said.  "The vast majority of livery drivers and operators already prefer cameras to partitions, and if approved by the Commission, the updated camera requirements will make drivers and riders safer.”
A livery cab driver who spoke to News 12 said that he feels much safer using a camera and will continue to use one even if the proposal is adopted. However, he says he looks forward to better prices and some financial relief. 
Several Bronx residents told News 12 that they still hope to see cameras in livery cabs even if they aren't required, both for their protection and the safety of the driver.