Traffic fatalities on the rise in the Bronx; Transportation Alternatives pitches immediate safety changes

Traffic fatalities are on the rise in the Bronx and Transportation Alternatives says immediate changes could help keep streets safer.
The Bronx has 49 pedestrian traffic fatalities on the year, up from 28 total last year, as well as eight cyclists who have been reported killed--the most of any borough, according to Transportation Alternatives.
Transportation Alternatives says a couple of immediate things could be done to make the streets safer. "Repainting the lanes here, smoothing out the roads, looking at the speed limit here, and making sure people understand that you are not on the Third Avenue bridge or a highway,” said Cecil Brooks Jr.
He added that improving the transit system would help make streets safer for all. "We are fighting for better infrastructure in the Bronx, the South Bronx specifically, and for better transit service,” said Brooks Jr.
The DOT told News 12 in a statement, "Every loss on our streets hurts and makes us more determined to achieve Vision Zero. Throughout the COVID crisis, we have continued taking a number of steps to hold drivers accountable, completing the installation of speed cameras in all 750 school zones in New York City, and recently lowering speed limits on major streets citywide, including Bruckner Boulevard and Webster Avenue. Also in the Bronx, we recently completed Phase 3 of the reconstruction of the Grand Concourse and have begun the next phase, work that includes safety enhancements along this Vision Zero Priority Corridor. As for protecting cyclists, installing more protected bike lanes in the Bronx is a priority for DOT in 2021. Over the past few years, we have built out protected bike lanes on Willis Avenue, 138th Street and Willow Avenue to boost safety for cyclists accessing the Willis Ave Bridge and Randalls Island connector."