Tree in Eastchester neighborhood a dangerous hazard, neighbors say

Residents in Eastchester say a neighborhood tree is creating chaos every time a storm blows in.
Denise Cox, who lives nearby, says the tree pulled down a wire last year.
"As soon as it's windy, branches come down," she said. "A branch is going to break off and kill someone."
Neighbors say they've tried submitting 311 requests and calling the New York City Parks Department to remove the tree, but there's been little progress over nearly two years.
"What has to happen? Does it have to fall and kill somebody for someone to come out and take care of this tree?" Cox said.
The Parks Department said in a statement, "We are sending one of our expert foresters to the site for inspection; noting, we have not directly received a request for this condition."
An inspector checked the tree Thursday while News 12 was present. While he couldn't speak on-camera, neighbors say he told them the department would likely come back within two days.
Residents, however, remain skeptical.
"I have been calling and calling, and nothing has been done -- and it seems like it's never going to get done," said Sonia Leeshue, another neighbor.