Trisha Ocona hopes to become Brooklyn’s first female borough president

Trisha Ocona believes she has what it takes to become Brooklyn’s first female borough president.
One of 14 vying for the job, Ocona told News 12 that she never thought about being a politician but considered her candidacy a matter of “life or death.”
She is a mother, a business owner, was once the youngest person to hold a spot on her community board and has decades of real estate experience under her belt.
“I'm born and raised in East Flatbush. My mother is from Jamaica, my father's from Venezuela so diversity – I’m very familiar with,” she says. “Understanding that is important, especially with racial tensions that is happening in our borough.”
Extended interview with Trisha Ocona
She says some of her main priorities will be community policing programs and housing.
“We're about to face one of the most scary housing explosions. I support responsible development and responsible housing, however I'm totally against predatory housing,” she told News 12.
She also plans on making more resources available to small business owners crippled by the pandemic.
MEET THE CANDIDATES: Extended Interviews
“I hear their voices. It is not just their vote, it is their voice,” she says.
May 28 is the last day to register to vote in person or have mail-in applications postmarked by. Anyone who needs to change their address needs to do so by June 2. Primary Election Day is June 22.