Ulster County holds “I Voted” sticker contest

Ulster County is holding a special election designed to get the word out about voting this election year.
The county has narrowed down six finalists for the "I Voted" stickers to be given out on Election Day.
The first one is from Wendy Stewart, a 14-year-old from Marbletown, with a red, white and blue theme.

Shafil Shabbir, of the Town of Rochester, created one with an outline of Ulster.

Phoebe Stewart, of Marbletown, designed an entry with a big "I VOTED" sign.

Melissa, from Gardiner, included a heart and plenty of red and blue stars.

Kaden Bredberg, from New Paltz, drew a bald eagle on his submission.

And finally, with nearly 95% of the votes so far, is a submission from Hudson Rowen, 14, from Marbletown, which looks like a crazy spider who just voted!
The winning sticker will be given out to voters in November. To vote, click here.