Universal Museum of Hip-Hop unveils new ‘Revolution of Hip-Hop’ exhibit

The Universal Museum of Hip-Hop unveiled its new exhibit on Thursday paying homage to what some consider the genre’s best period.
The exhibit called "The revolution of hip-hop, the golden era" displays the art, music and culture of the music genre's development during the years 1986 through 1990.
"You know the museum represents every generation, every era of hip-hop,” said Universal Museum of Hip-Hop executive director Rocky Bucano. “So, bringing it here where it all began, right here in the South Bronx is a dream come true personally for me. And it's so important to the culture at large. Because having a museum anywhere else in the world to curate and be the arbiter of the global history of hip-hop, it couldn't be done anywhere else but the Bronx."
Bucano says the museum is partnering up with Microsoft and MIT to create what he calls a 21st century museum. He added they'll be theater spaces, and live performances, and it will tell the complete history of hip-hop's past, present and future.
The exhibit will stay open for the next few years until the permanent home of the museum is built in Bronx point.