Vigil in Coney Island: Remembering the lives lost during Superstorm Sandy

City Council members held a candlelight vigil in Coney Island Saturday to commemorate lives lost to Superstorm Sandy – a storm that devastated the area and forever changed how New Yorkers see major weather events.
Not only did Sandy leave 2.5 million residents without power and over 35,000 without homes, but it also killed 44 New Yorkers.
Coney Island was one of the hardest-hit shorelines during the disaster. Since then, the community has become more resilient, but they said there is more work to do.
"We're still learning the lessons. It looks like the city is moving, but moving very slowly. I just hosted a hearing about it in City Hall and told everyone there should be a sense of urgency. We cannot wait for another 10 years to execute all of our plans," said Councilmember Ari Kagan.
As the chair of the Committee on Resiliency and Waterfronts, Kagan is urging the Office of Emergency Management to have better plans for evacuation, coordination and recovery efforts in the event that disaster like Sandy strikes again.