Visit a Frank Lloyd Wright designed masterpiece smack dab in the middle of Lake Mahopac

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the home in 1949, and in 2008, it finally came to life thanks to Joe Massaro.

Nikita Ramos

May 4, 2023, 1:32 PM

Updated 409 days ago


Did you know that there is a masterpiece of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright sitting on 11 acres on Petra Island, smack dab in the middle of Lake Mahopac!
Frank Lloyd Wright designed the home in 1949, and in 2008, it finally came to life thanks to Joe Massaro. Massaro is the current owner of Petra Island and the man who built the architectural wonder.
“Well, I live in this house every day, and I had the privilege of building it and I want to show the world,” says Massaro.
Every corner opens the space to this stunning home. Between the mahogany wood ceilings and pieces of the island jutting with character.
One of the biggest assets of this house is the natural lighting from wall-to-wall. The windows really make you feel like you’re setting sail out on the water. Once you make your way outside out on the deck, it feels like you’re at the bow of a cruise ship sailing over Lake Mahopac.”
“It’s such an unusual Frank Lloyd Wright house. I mean you look at most of Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses, the ceilings are low. I mean you don’t see them here. There are 26 skylights in here. You know, I mean six fireplaces! Every room has a different angle, different view. It’s his masterpiece. I’m really convinced that that’s what it is,” says Massaro.
It’s safe to say that videos can’t do it justice so see it for yourself with a tour of the entire island,  where you’ll learn the history that laid the foundation for this unbelievable project.
“It’s a 90-minute tour. We pick you up at the dock. We give you a tour of the lake. You can take all the pictures you want. It’s going to be very personal we’re only talking about 10 people at a time,” explains Massaro.
Not a lot can compare to walking through one of the final houses Frank Lloyd Write designed— on this Road Trip/Boat Trip: Close to Home.
Tours start early June, but spaces are filling fast. For more information, click here.

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